Sunday, February 10, 2013

MoP Leveling Guide Showdown

Trying to figure out which of the top guide sites offers the best MoP leveling guide? You've come to the right place! I've used most of the more popular guides, leveling a large number of alts. Here's what I've got to say about the three top contenders for the leveling guide throne.

Joana's Horde Leveling Guide 




Joana's Horde Leveling Guide is one of the best known guides on the internet for World of Warcraft leveling. Despite the name, the guide has expanded from its roots and now covers both factions from 1-90.

The guide comes with access to detailed videos, coordinates, and maps for each and every zone you'll be leveling in.

My biggest gripe in the past was that some classes will find soloing certain quests difficult, but that's less of a problem these days.

+Covers all starting zones
+Map Mod

-Difficult in several areas for many classes
-Not as fast as later guides

You can get the guide by clicking here.

Zygor Leveling Guide 





Zygor Leveling Guides came to the WoW guide party late, but since the beginning it has provided very high quality. It has the same level of professionalism and quality that my old favorite iDemise did, and for a while was my favorite. The Dugi Guides have since taken that place, but there aren't a bad choice.

+Decently priced

-Faction guides are separate

Get it here, by clicking this link.

Dugi Guide's Ultimate WoW Guide 





Dugi Guides came out a decent while after the first entries to the market had gained popularity, but they certainly made up for time lost with their incredibly well-made and professional leveling guides.
Unlike other guides on this page, the Ultimate WoW Guide is fully featured with sections on leveling, gold, profession, dailies, and more.

It also uses the power of mods to improve its efficiency, as any self-respecting guide does these days.

If you want best MoP leveling guide, it's either this or Zygor. I'd go with this for all the extra goodies.

+Tons of Extras
+My personal favorite :D

-Costs more if you want guides for both factions, unless there's a sale on
Get it now, by clicking here.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Advantages of Using a Bluetooth Gaming Headset

By []Troy L Thompson

With today's video game titles, it's common to have many players part of the game. Whether this is Xbox live, popular PC titles, the Play station network, or others. Being able to communicate with other players is extremely important. That is why most will choose a Bluetooth gaming headset. While most wireless headsets will do the job of picking up your voice for other players to hear, some prefer to use a Bluetooth gaming headset because of the advantages that it tends to offer over other types. Find out what these are and why they are useful.

First of all, a Bluetooth gaming headset is not going to have all the extra cords that tend to get in the way or the problem of having cords that are too short. Thus, a Bluetooth headset uses a wireless technology that doesn't require cords. This is helpful when playing so that other people in the room won't trip over their own cords and won't get in the way of the keyboard or mouse when on a computer. This alone makes a Bluetooth headset worth the extra money.

Bluetooth headsets work with all consoles and computers. Since most computers today and consoles have Bluetooth technology, these types of headsets will work with the devices that you already own. Since Bluetooth is a standard for most devices these days, you won't have to worry about it not working. If you go to a friend's house who owns a different console than your own, you won't have to worry about your headset not working. You can also choose to use the Bluetooth technology when chatting online with programs like Skype.

Bluetooth is one of the highest quality wireless technologies to use. Whenever you speak into your Bluetooth gaming headset, the speech will be crystal clear compared to other types of wireless devices that choose to not use Bluetooth. For all practical purposes, a Bluetooth gaming headset has the range and clarity that you expect to have. There also won't be any interference issues from other devices which is also a good benefit.

Most of the highest rated wireless gaming headsets today use Bluetooth technology. This means when shopping for a Bluetooth gaming headset, you can feel confident in your purchase because the highest rated ones fall into this category these days. While some still use cords, most of the best ones use Bluetooth technology. In terms of design, these tend to look the best as well.

While there are other options to consider, a Bluetooth tends to be one of the better choices. Because of all the advantages that Bluetooth provides, many gamers today use Bluetooth technology with full confidence.

Troy L Thompson the author provides a wide range of gaming headsets, including wired headsets, Bluetooth headsets, music headsets and more. They are all top quality. Shop with confidence, knowing that gaming headsets are our passion at Gaming Bluetooth Headsets.

Article Source: [] The Advantages of Using a Bluetooth Gaming Headset

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Check out my new venture

I've moved on from WoW Gold Spot, if you haven't noticed. I'm focusing my efforts on various internet marketing ventures, such as BabyGeek, a site that covers all sorts of baby development science, product reviews, and that sort of thing.

(Feel free to visit, though I'm not sure why you would want to).

Thursday, July 15, 2010

WoW PvP Guide - 6 Points To Master To Win Virtually Any PvP Match

By Vincent Gottfried

Did you had many duels and battlegrounds, but somehow always end up miserably? Then you definitely need a WoW PvP guide. Needles to say, PvP game is always unpredictable and the one who can act faster will get the upper hand; however, both you and your opponent are limited to a specific talent build and every talent build has its own benefits and drawbacks .Anyone who can take advantage of these factors is the winner.

Alright, the circumstances always change in battle and versatility is the key to victory in a PvP match, but rather than entering the match blindly and adapt your strategy later, would it be better to have a WoW PvP guide that will let you know:

1. The strength and weakness of every class in PvP. You have to make full use of your class strength and take advantage of other class weakness.

2. Tactics to win against specific class by using your class abilities. Needless to say, you cannot expect your opponents to move as you wish, however understanding the tactics to counter their dangerous skills quickly will put you in great advantage.

3. Arena is hard since something that you can use to dominate other class in a duel can easily be nullified by your opponent's teammate. When teamwork decide the outcome of the battle , you have to find out the best strategies that you can use against particular kind of arena team.

4. Set the macros. This is essential for any player in PvP, yet surprisingly only a few know how to use this properly. By using a good WoW PvP guide, you can overcome this issue effortlessly.

5. The very best talent that you need to take. It's not funny to enter a PvP match with a PvE talent build. You will be wiped out in mere seconds.

6. The best gear to survive and bursting damage in PvP. Again, you will not survive long if you wear your PvE gear into a PvP match.

Below are a few examples on what you can study from a good WoW PvP Guide:

1. If you're a hunter, you'll learn how to use your Freezing and Frost Traps properly to help you maintain the space among you and your opponent. With this safe distance preserved, you also will learn how to dish the greatest DPS to win the match.

2. If you're a mage, you'll learn to use your spell to dish heavy damage while keeping yourself safe. Furthermore, using the right strategy it is possible to defeat the warlock class even though that certain class may be the hardest to handle for any mages.

3. If you are a pally, you will learn to use your healing spells and applying bubble properly in a group play. You'll also learn to use your small mana pool efficiently.

There are many different strategies that you can learn in a good WoW PvP guide. After practicing and mastering the necessary skills for some time, you'll find that you can even win a hard match with appropriate strategy and flexibility. - 34829

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Find Out The Real Truth Regarding World Of Warcraft Gold Secrets Guide

By Nathan Hendrix

If perhaps you're a newcomer to Warcraft, you will find out quite easily that to be able to purchase very good gear as well as equipments you need to have gold. With out gold, you more than likely won't be able to master all 80 levels. In some cases, you could have observed players that have so much equipment and a great deal of gold that they can control nearly anything in WoW. I've often asked myself how do these kind of persons become a huge amount of gold?

In the beginning, I thought that some people in Warcraft got this gold from 3 rd party resellers using the net. However, that is idiotic as it is against the tos for Wow. I heard that acting like this can easily get the account restricted.

After some research I came to the realization that there is a simple and lawful technique to make lots of gold. The simplest way is a book that I purchased named as, Gold Secrets. This informative guide is made by Luke Brown and he's made a level playing field for all WoW players.

In this book, Luke Brown presents players the same gold generating techniques which have been used to get him thousands of gold. Luke Brown gives the ideas and records it well in the Gold Secrets guide.

A great method which is reviewed in the guide, is tips on how to obtain gold with the Auction House. In case you know the secret tricks, this method will create plenty of the bling to select whatever gear you need.

In case you are at all serious about making huge amount of gold in Warcraft, and you'd really prefer to increase the quantity of gold in your own bags then I recommend that you find further details on Brown's Gold Secrets Guide. All the best in your quest of World of Warcraft domination. - 34829

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm back!

Got all my stuff back today. :)

Again, a reminder to seriously consider grabbing an Authenticator. It'll protect you from 99% of hacking attempts, and Blizzard sells them at cost; if you have a good cell phone, you can even get a Mobile version for free!

So yeah, consider that.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Advice On Multiboxing Software

By Robert Smither

Multiboxing software is an application or suite which makes multiboxing in an MMO, typically World of Warcraft much easier and simpler then it might typically end up being. Without having program or hardware to do this, you need to use several keyboards or try and swap windows quick enough to do combat. That isn't a very effective solution for multiboxing.

Conventional multiboxing involves one pc per multiboxed character, with costly hardware to network it all together. Today most people can run several instances of World of Warcraft in unison on a single computer, and they also do not want to invest upwards of $5000 for a computer setup. For them, multiboxing software programs are great, and can make the approach to managing multiple characters quite simple and pain free.

The uses of multiboxing software are many, from resizing and switching windows to handling broadcast keys and graphic settings. Getting control of your WoW windows in multiboxing software is very important, given that screen real estate is precious. More powerful multiboxing software enables you to resize windows, have custom graphics settings for each, and have windows change size when you "focus" them.

Another fundamental part of multiboxing software is keyboard or mouse "broadcasting". What this means is sending your keystrokes or computer mouse actions to numerous windows. But for this to be effective you probably do not want to broadcast some of your keys all the time. The majority of multiboxing software has controls to customize this for your perfect setup.

A fun fact is that lots of people do not know that multiboxing by using software is allowed in Wow, due to blizzard's traditional position on third party software. Nonetheless, blizzard in fact encourages multiboxing, as long as you are not trying to automate it using a bot.

When you have made the decision you want to multibox you will have to choose which software to use. For the new multiboxer, take into account some software is very sophisticated and involves editing of scripts or files. I recommend simpler multiboxing options that still offer the features that you need. Things to bear in mind when searching for multiboxing software is being able to arrange windows, graphic settings, and finally mouse and keyboard broadcasting. These are fundamental core features you'll need in great multiboxing software. - 34829

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