Thursday, July 15, 2010

WoW PvP Guide - 6 Points To Master To Win Virtually Any PvP Match

By Vincent Gottfried

Did you had many duels and battlegrounds, but somehow always end up miserably? Then you definitely need a WoW PvP guide. Needles to say, PvP game is always unpredictable and the one who can act faster will get the upper hand; however, both you and your opponent are limited to a specific talent build and every talent build has its own benefits and drawbacks .Anyone who can take advantage of these factors is the winner.

Alright, the circumstances always change in battle and versatility is the key to victory in a PvP match, but rather than entering the match blindly and adapt your strategy later, would it be better to have a WoW PvP guide that will let you know:

1. The strength and weakness of every class in PvP. You have to make full use of your class strength and take advantage of other class weakness.

2. Tactics to win against specific class by using your class abilities. Needless to say, you cannot expect your opponents to move as you wish, however understanding the tactics to counter their dangerous skills quickly will put you in great advantage.

3. Arena is hard since something that you can use to dominate other class in a duel can easily be nullified by your opponent's teammate. When teamwork decide the outcome of the battle , you have to find out the best strategies that you can use against particular kind of arena team.

4. Set the macros. This is essential for any player in PvP, yet surprisingly only a few know how to use this properly. By using a good WoW PvP guide, you can overcome this issue effortlessly.

5. The very best talent that you need to take. It's not funny to enter a PvP match with a PvE talent build. You will be wiped out in mere seconds.

6. The best gear to survive and bursting damage in PvP. Again, you will not survive long if you wear your PvE gear into a PvP match.

Below are a few examples on what you can study from a good WoW PvP Guide:

1. If you're a hunter, you'll learn how to use your Freezing and Frost Traps properly to help you maintain the space among you and your opponent. With this safe distance preserved, you also will learn how to dish the greatest DPS to win the match.

2. If you're a mage, you'll learn to use your spell to dish heavy damage while keeping yourself safe. Furthermore, using the right strategy it is possible to defeat the warlock class even though that certain class may be the hardest to handle for any mages.

3. If you are a pally, you will learn to use your healing spells and applying bubble properly in a group play. You'll also learn to use your small mana pool efficiently.

There are many different strategies that you can learn in a good WoW PvP guide. After practicing and mastering the necessary skills for some time, you'll find that you can even win a hard match with appropriate strategy and flexibility. - 34829

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