Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Site to Buy WoW Gold Cheap - IGE Review

So you're trying to find a good site to buy WoW gold cheap. It can be hard to find the best ones, since there are such in incredible number of gold sellers out there; hundreds, in fact. It can be nearly impossible for someone to find a site that is safe, cheap, and easy to navigate without help. This article is here to give you that help. Today, let's discuss one of the most frequently seen sites in advertisements and search engines, IGE.

The first thing to discuss is the relative trustworthiness of the site. Trustworthiness is important when buying anything online, and electronic goods like video game currency are even more difficult to deal with, due to their non-tangible nature. IGE is a big site with a nearly perfect reputation, so it is safe to say the site is trustworthy. They wouldn't be such a big site if they weren't!

So, let's discuss the page layout of the website itself. IGE scores well in this area; too many gold sellers have confusing or frustrating layouts, but IGE's is clean and easy to navigate. Not a major deal, but it does make shopping on the site more pleasant.

How about gold supplies or availability? A good site to buy WoW gold cheap needs to keep their gold supplies high, or else buying from them is impossible; you can't buy what they don't have. IGE is possibly the best about this, by virtue of being such a large site-they have tons of suppliers on all servers, so running out isn't very likely.

Finally let's discuss price. Now, any site that can be considered a good site to buy WoW gold cheap is going to have similar pricing, and IGE is definitely one of those. That said, IGE actually tends to be a hair cheaper than the competition. Of course, to get the absolute best deals you'll have to shop around for specials and sales, but as a general rule of thumb IGE will be the safest among the big sites.

So, overall, IGE is a solid website. They have good prices, a easy to navigate webpage, and a sterling reputation. This IGE review gives them a solid 9/10.

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