Friday, September 11, 2009

Where Can I Buy World of Warcraft Gold? - A Gold Site Guide

It costs a lot of gold to keep your character in top condition. Enchantments for new pieces of gear, consumables to buff your character, training for your epic mount, and profession gold sinks can all wear away at your gold supply. Not everyone has the time to grind out the tens of thousands of gold you need to keep in top condition...but there is an alternative;buying gold. This may lead you to ask, "Where can I Buy World of Warcraft Gold?"

This question isn't as easy to answer as it may seem, either. There are hundreds of gold sellers out there, but finding the best ones to spend your money on can be close to impossible, especially for first time buyers who don't know what to look for in a gold site. This guide will tell you what to look for in a good site, and give a few examples of sites that fit these criteria. Hopefully when we're done, you'll know the answer to "Where can I buy World of Warcraft Gold?"

The first thing you have to be certain of when making any online purchase, not just gold but anything at all, is that the site is trustworthy. How do you determine this without doing a lot of searching around? The safest thing you can do is stick with proven sites. Big sites like with large customer bases are usually going to be safe. Another way to find good sites is to look at who the gaming networks are advertising; they won't tarnish their name by advertising bad sites!

The second thing you want when buying gold is a site that values their customer's privacy. Most people buying gold don't want their transaction to be broadcasted to the masses. The best sites will use methods to conceal the customer's purchase from prying eyes; one of the best about this is SwagVault. They have a few tricks they use to make it virtually impossible for your transaction to be tracked.

The last thing to consider is of course price. But this really isn't a big deal; most gold sites actually have similar pricing, with IGE being a tiny bit cheaper than their competitors most of the time. The only thing that will make a big difference in prices will be sales or shortages.

I hope this guide has helped answer the question "Where can I buy World of Warcraft Gold?" for you. For those who don't have another site in mind, I'd recommend giving IGE or SwagVault a look.

IF you want to know how the top gold sites--including the ones mentioned in this article!--compare to one another directly, you can check out my comparison review by clicking here.

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