Monday, September 14, 2009

Where Should I Buy WoW Gold? A Guide to Gold Sellers

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend grinding, or maybe you just don’t like doing it, then it can be frustrating to afford to keep your character or characters in top condition. Epic Flying Mounts, Duel Spec Training, and recurring costs like Consumables and Enchants for new gear all mean you need a ton of gold to keep yourself going in WoW.  Luckily, there is the alternative of gold buying available if you are willing.  But a lot of people aren’t sure where the best places to buy gold are.  This guide will tell answer the question “Where should I buy WoW gold?” by telling you a few of the best sites to buy from and explaining why they are so good.

The first thing everyone worries about it price, but it really doesn’t vary that much from site to site.  Occasionally a site will run a special and drop their prices for a weekend or something, but usually the best sites will all have nearly identical prices.  So if you want to buy from the best, you’ll need to look at more than price.  After all, the other factors may matter a lot more in the long run.  If you are crazy about buying the absolute cheapest though, or are buying a ton at once, IGE will probably be cheapest on average.

Safety factors are some of the most important things to look at when looking at gold sites, or any online store for that matter.  You want a site with a reputation for safety, because nothing sucks as much as getting ripped off.  So how can you be safe?  The easiest answer is to go with the obviously safe sites with big reputations, like WoWMine, SwagVault, or IGE.  These sites service thousands of customers every week, and yet you never hear anyone complaining about getting scammed or having their money stolen.

The last thing you should consider when buying gold is whether or not the company takes steps to stay low-profile, and thus keep your transactions a secret.  Sites that advertise in-game, for example, give away their IP addresses to Blizzard, meaning it is simple for them to figure out where the gold mules are and follow the purchases to you.  And while buying gold won’t get you permanently banned, you will get the gold revoked and a temporary ban, and still be out your cash.  So which sites are careful?  Well, any site that advertises in-game is right out.  The best sites don’t bother anyways.  I’d say the absolute best for this purpose is SwagVault.  They are always very cautious, and even use little tricks to conceal transactions even better.

If you are still looking for more information on good WoW gold sites and other game currency sites, check out my post MMO Gold Sellers for a comparison review and more!

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