Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Horde Side's Best Race For Mage

So, looks aren't a factor because mages always look cool...so you're going to pick your race based on racials instead? Well, this guide is here to help. It can be hard to know how handy a racial is based on the rather vague descriptions, and what works early won't work at endgame. We'll discuss each race and why or why not they are the best race for mage.

Undead are the first to go on the chopping block. For years Undead has been the best PvP race on horde side, possibly in the game, for all classes. But patch 3.3 is changing that, with a nerf to Will of the Forsaken that will put it on a shared forty-five second cooldown with PvP trinket effects. Add in their lack of anything worthwhile for PvE, and Undead is, for the first time since WoW started, beginning to look like a bad choice.

The second race on the chopping block is blood elf. Blood elf has Arcane Torrent as their noteworthy racial. At low levels, this is great, allowing you to keep fighting by giving you an extra mana regen. And for PvP, an extra silence is great. But for end-game PvE, we have another race that is mostly useless.

Troll is the last race on the Horde mage list, and have always been the least popular. That may change soon though. Da Voodoo Shuffle is a useful talent for PvP, reducing the duration of snares and roots. And Berserking is possibly the best Mage racial in the game. In PvP it is another powerful haste buff, allowing for immense burst. And in PvE it is another cooldown to pop often, providing the best DPS improvement of any racial.

Horde racials are pretty clear-cut once you look at them. Undead is nerfed into 'mehness' come 3.3, and was never good for PvE to begin with. Blood elf is decent for leveling and PvP, but lacks PvE oomph. And Troll has a racial that is enormously valuable in both PvP and PvE. So, for the first time in WoW, I can say Troll is the best choice.

I hope you found this guide to the best race for mage on the Horde side handy. Don't forget that when it comes down to it, racials don't mean all that much. With Blizzard's balancing habits, racials are becoming more and more marginalized in the name of fair play. And the top dog can be the weakest race after one patch, if the nerfbat hits.

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