Sunday, December 20, 2009

Questing in WoW: General Strategies

Getting sick and tired of constantly running back to your corpse? Or maybe you’re playing it safe, but still find it is taking you three or four hours to gain a single level, because you just can’t kill a mob without having to take a rest and regenerate health and mana? This article will give you some general pointers on how to reduce your leveling time!

The first thing I want to tell you is to learn about your class. Learn what specs are best for leveling, learn what kind of gear you should be wearing. There are a ton of sources out there that a quick search will bring up. And my blog has regular posts on the specifics of leveling different classes.

One thing a lot of people do is start following a leveling guide they get online, and find themselves struggling to down the mobs. This is a problem caused by the fact that most speed-levelers use the easiest classes for leveling, such as Hunter. Even if you are just doing quests as they come, you can encounter this problem. The secret here is to get a few levels ahead of the content you are on, and always quest on green or nearly-green mobs.

Now, what is your biggest enemy when it comes to leveling? If you answered downtime, you’re right! Even powerful mobs can be defeated eventually, but if you are having to sit around and regain health after every fight you’re never going to get anything done. Other than carrying food and water, you should be doing other things to minimize downtime; use mana-efficient skills, use damage-reducing stuns and snares, and again, fight lower-level mobs.

Don’t let you character’s gear get too far behind, either. Quests and random drops aren’t going to be enough to keep you up to par, and some classes suffer greatly from being under-geared. Supplement your stuff with Auction House purchases and Instance loot. (Use the Dungeon Finder system to do instances. They are great experience per hour AND provide amazing gear.)

On the topic of the AH: Don’t spend tons of time going to the city to buy or sell. Use an alt to do all your business. Just mail things back and forth, as long as they are on the same account the transfer is instant. This has the added benefit of making it convenient to sell EVERYTHING that is white quality or better on the AH, making you tons of gold to buy new stuff with.

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