Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Team IDemise Guide Review - Taking a Look at the IDemise Leveling Guide For WoW

An introduction

Team iDemise is a gaming team with quite the reputation in FPS gaming. But this doesn't necessarily mean a thing when it comes to fast leveling in MMORPGs. So I purchased the guide with some skepticism.

I was quite pleasantly surprised to find my initial doubts groundless. iDemise's claim that their iDemise leveling guide on the market isn't just a boast-at the very least, they are a serious contender for the title. Find out why in this iDemise guide review.

The method

Anyone with even a bit of common sense knows that leveling in Warcraft is best done by questing. Even mediocre questing will result in far better experience gain than grinding mobs for hours. Superior players may even be able to plot out a questing course, and increase their leveling speed even more. Superior players who have done the quests many times can no doubt level even faster, with even better leveling routes.

The Team iDemise Leveling Guide makes you the equivalent of a superior player with multiple 70s. At no time did I find myself thinking "Wouldn't doing XXX before XXX be faster?" as I often have using other guides, such as Brian Kopp's Alliance Leveling Guide or Joanna's Horde Leveling Guide.

Now, you may be skeptical. "Ok, so I know what order to do them in. But I still don't know where everything is." Like other popular guides, the iDemise guide makes liberal use of map coordinates. And like a few others, they provide an addon to help out.

The Addon

The addon provided with the iDemise guide is really nice. I personally found it much more effective than any competitor's addon. Unlike other guide's mods, which usually just toss a load of coordinates on your map and say "good luck", this one includes everything you need to level, from directly in the game.

The entire guide is available to you. Not only the leveling guide, and a coordinate system, but built-in systems to make sure you are optimizing your character for leveling, with tips on Talent Builds and such. Really helpful to players new to the game or maybe just new to the class.

To conclude

I hope this iDemise guide review has given you some help in determining whether it is worth your time and money. If you want to see how it compares to other popular leveling guides, check out my [] comparison review over at Squidoo.

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