Friday, February 19, 2010

Paladin Gold Farming

Paladin has quickly become the most popular class in World of Warcraft, and for good reason; they make the best tanks, they make great healers(especially in PvP!), and they're damn good DPS (especially in PvP, again!). They're incredibly versatile characters, and they look cool doing it. So today we're going to talk about Paladin gold farming technique.

There is a lot of information out there about Prot AoE farming, but we're not going to talk about that; it's not actually particularly effective, and it can lead to a lot of headache, especially if you don't already have tank gear. Instead, we'll focus on Retribution farming. First, lets take a look at our spec:,aere3,10952

This spec contains all the vital talents for maximizing your paladin gold farming efficiency; which is to say it's a very high DPS spec. Once you have the spec, what do you do with it? Well, Paladin is pretty straightforward...and the exceptionally high burst Retadins have makes enemies drop like rocks. Use this priority system; in other words, you want to cast the highest spell on the list that isn't on cooldown.

HoW > Judgement > CS > DS > Consecration > Exorcism > Holy Wrath

When fighting multiple mobs, get Consecration down and use your AoE abilities as often as possible, but otherwise continue to stick to this. Oh, and which Judgment you use doesn't matter much.

With Consecration, Divine Storm, and Seal of Command, you shouldn't have any trouble downing multiple foes at once; just don't waste too much time running from enemy to enemy. It's often faster to kill one or two enemies, then mount and fly to the next one or two, rather than trying to gather up a big group running all over the place. But between Art of War and your plate armor, you shouldn't have any trouble surviving any number of non-elite mobs.

That's all there is to paladin gold farming. Anyone looking to further optimize your gold earning abilities should check out my Gold Guide Review, where I compare various popular gold guides, and find one that sounds good.

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