Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rogue Gold Farming

Today we're going to talk about Rogue gold farming. Rogue is one of the best classes to farm with thanks to it's immense front-end burst potential; something that's vital for quick farming. That's because unlike the elite mobs from dungeons, normal world mobs have very small health pools; a strong character can kill them in a few globals with enough burst. You don't need the consistent overall DPS that you do raiding.

So, lets take a look at specs. The best rogue farming spec is going to look very similar to top-end PvP specs; you want to grab Mutilate, but you don't want to take the time to get Hunger For Blood up. Something like this is close to ideal:

Using this Rogue gold farming spec, your goal is simple; dish out as much damage as possible as quick as possible. Use cooldowns as much as possible. You want to be using double Wounding poison, and typically opening with Garrote or Ambush; Garrote is better if it has time to run it's full course, but Ambush is much quicker damage if you are geared enough. If you are geared enough, Garrote or Ambush, a few Mutilates, and an Eviscerate will finish things for most mobs. Otherwise, use Slice and Dice as soon as you open, then just Mutilate to 4+ combo points and Eviscerate until the enemy dies.

Get a good feel for how close you can get before you need to Stealth. Your Subtlety talents make stealth a bit less limiting, but it's still slower than running up and using Stealth at the last minute.

If you are fighting humanoid mobs, don't forget to Pick Pocket them! If you have Auto-loot turned on, this macro will handle do it for you whenever you Garrote:

#showtooltip Garrote
/cast Pick Pocket
/cast Garrote

For Ambush, just substitute Ambush for Garrote. It's worth it to Pick Pocket just for the loose change and grey vendor items you can get, and if you have Lock Picking high enough to pick any boxes you find, you might just get some items that sell for a lot.

That's really about it. As you may have noticed, Rogue gold farming is much more straightforward than many other classes. And while you don't have the AoE farming abilities of certain classes, you'll often find that you are able to do just as well as they do, thanks to your incredible burst ability.

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