Friday, April 2, 2010

5 Things you Need to Know About WoW and Warcraft the Movie.

By Paul Rone-Clarke

Let's take a first look at what is happening "under the hood" of the first Warcraft movie. Many of the outline details are now available, so let's see what we can expect.

Sam Raimi, the director of Evil Dead and Scream is to direct the movie. He is a keen Warcraft "follower" apparently, and is keen for the movie to keep to the lore of Warcraft. This shows how seriously this movie is being taken. Other film game tie-ins often have unknown or niche directors. Warcraft the movie is going to be a major product.

It is being written by Robert Rodat, He of "Saving Private Ryan" fame. Looking through Robert's resume, it seems that action will play a very large part in the movie. However expect some pretty moving personal moments as well. Ryan was a rollercoaster of emotions. Fear and frustration (the stabbing scene while his buddy whimpered on the stairs still drives me mad today).

The location for most scenes is likely to be New Zealand. Again, the precedent is set with films like Lord of the Rings showing that this spectacular landscape can certainly become a realistic fantasy backdrop. It's not difficult to imagine an "Azerothian" feel.

The earliest possible release is late 2011. That's almost two years time. It is far more likely however that the film will be out in 2012. Why? Because this reviewer feels that whatever the expansion after Cataclysm is, it will be out in late 2012. My betting the two will be released together, and there will be a synergy between them. Expect Lore to be advanced and concepts inter-changed between the film and whatever the fourth expansion turns out to be.

At this early stage, one thing dopes seem certain. The film will be action based (as opposed to quest based) though whether we have Alliance verses Horde or either verses Scourge - or indeed a mixture of the two - remain to be seen. Of course, we could always have a new entity introduced just for the film.

So far no names have been mooted for the leading role (or roles). It is unlikely that the film's producers have even got around to deciding themselves yet

Legendary Pictures (Batman Begins, 300) are behind this movie. Good news in itself. There is no shortage of experience in making top quality action movies there then! Expect this to be a top notch production.

Now this site is up and running properly again, we will take the time every so often to keep you up to date with the progress of this movie. Expect star Bio's and location shots as soon as we can get hold of them. - 34829

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