Monday, April 5, 2010

Becoming a World of Warcraft Gold Generator. Auction House Domination

By Paul Rone-Clarke

The capital cities in Azeroth are where you can find the auction houses. It's here that the most potential for profit and loss in Warcraft exists. The reason is the variability in price that you will find in here. One day Mageroyal is 5 silver apiece, the next it's 10.

It is these variations that give you the potential for profit, and of course for loss. The NPC vendors do not give you a variable price, the amount of Warcraft gold they pay per item is fixed. It's a fair price, but if you have uncommon or better items to sell, they will rarely give you the best value for them.

Playing the auction house properly is something you should not try and do until you have taken the time to understand the variations. Is 2G for Borean leather a good price or a bad price? Unless you track prices over a period of time you won't know.

The first step would be to download and install Auctioneer. An addon you can get from This has a scan function that records every asking price for every item at auction. Before you start your career as a floor trader, spend a few days running the scan once a day to collect good data. Carry on powerleveling until you have about ten scans worth of data.

If you run this scan once a day (or once every two days) until you have run it about 10 times, you will have a good idea of what people are asking for certain items.

Once the scans are complete, Auctioneer will have worked out the average asking price for every item if found. When you open the auction house GUI you will now see a percentage displayed on the right. This is the ratio of that items asking price to the average that auctioneer has found in its scans. 150% means it's 50% over the average asking price, whereas 50% means it's half the average asking price.

Using this information, you can make decisions on which items to trade in. Following the simple real-world rule of buy low, sell high.

But I should mention some big shortcomings with Auctioneer.

As I mentioned, Auctioneer records the asking price, and not the selling price. People ask stupid amounts of gold for trash sometimes. Have you seen trash items in the auction house for 1000 gold or more? It happens all the time. This can massively skew the figures that auctioneer is collecting for you.

Another issue is the fact that the game changes all the time. Items are useful, and then a patch is issued that makes them worthless. Perhaps they were part of a crafting recipe that is no longer the best available. Or the stats for an item have been changed. Blizzard increase and decrease drop rates for items all the time. In a matter of days rare items become common and worth far less, or the opposite can happen. Auctioneer will not tell you this. If you have invested heavily in one or two items, a patch can wipe out loads of your profit of you don't know what's coming up

In summary, auctioneer is a good tool as long as you understand its limitations. It is not the only key to making Warcraft gold, but it does have a role to play. So if you plan on becoming a World of Warcraft gold generator, then download this addon now, but remember you will need more than this tool to make you gold rich. - 34829

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