Friday, September 25, 2009

Buy Aion Kinah Before Anyone Else - A Guide to Early Kinah Sellers

So, the newest MMO on the market, AION, has launched in North America now. If you want to have a leg up on your competition, then you will probably want to know the sites that will be selling Aion Kinah before the rest. But there is a risk when going to just any site, so I’ll let you know about a few quality places to buy Aion Kinah in the days to come.

The first high quality site to be offering Aion Kinah almost from the very start is SwagVault. Like IGE, this site is a major name in game currency, mainly because of their well-documented reputation for good deals, quality service, and low prices. In addition, SwagVault is known for always taking extra steps to make sure their customers don't get busted. If you are someone still asking "Where can I buy Aion Kinah?", then SwagVault is a great site to check out.

My personal favorite will be offering kina very soon after launch; IGE. IGE doesn't supply for every game, but they have been pushing information about a new launch of Aion Kinah sales; it’s obvious they’ll offer currency for it, because Aion already is the second biggest MMO in the world and it isn't even out in North America yet! For those unfamiliar with IGE, the site is known for being a great site place to purchase from. They have good customer service, high currency availablity, and some of the lowest prices around. They don't have risky behaviors that put their customers at risk, either. They’re a good choice for buying any game money they provide for.

There will no doubt be other places selling Kinah from day one, but many will be crappy sites with unsavory reputations, or sites that participate in immoral practices such as botting and spamming in-game. There are obviously more good sites than the two I mentioned, but these are two are sites I have myself used frequently with great results, so I feel most comfortable recommending them as the first place to look for anyone starting the new MMO and looking for an edge. I hope this has helped you out in your search for Kinah!

If you are curious how SwagVault and IGE compare to one another and some other popular gold sites, by the way, feel free to check out my comparison review post, MMO Gold Sellers - A Comparison Review.

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