Saturday, October 3, 2009

Buy Archlord Gold - The Guide to Archlord Gold Sellers

It isn't always a bad thing to make life easier for yourself. This is especially true when you are doing something that is supposed to be fun! For those of us playing Archlord, it can be nice to make things a bit easier for ourselves and buy Archlord gold from an online seller of the currency. For those who are looking to do so, it can be hard to figure out which sellers are the best to buy from; not every well known name is a good one, and not every bad rumor about every site is true. Separating fact from fiction is important, and this guide is here to tell you what to look for and how to recognize the best sites around to buy from.

The first thing a lot of people think about is which site is cheapest, but just going straight for whoever has the lowest price is definitely a bad idea, and often as not in the world of MMO currency purchases the cheapest price means a scam site. Or at least one with dubious methods of obtaining their gold (which often comes back to bite buyers on the ass). Since most good sites have pretty much identical prices, with only slight variances, it is best to pick a site to buy Archlord gold from based on something else, preferably a combination of things like…

Transaction Security. Which is a fancy way of saying, “Will you get caught because the site that is selling you gold did something retarded?” If the answer is yes…they are a bad choice. The best sites for this are ones that don’t spam up the game with ads, that are careful about how they move their gold to mules, and are always use less trackable methods to transfer it to customers. An especially good site about this is IGXE, which is actually why it is my personal favorite (this is the most important issue to me for what I assume are obvious reasons).

The last thing I want to mention is customer service. Not all good sites have good customer service, but the best ones do. The problem is figuring out which ones those are. It can really be hit or miss, and a great site will not always be on the ball every time, so even the best sites will have their share of ‘horror stories’ on the internet. Figuring out which ones are which is something I can’t really explain; you’ll need to use your own judgment. (For those who are curious, IGXE has passable customer service; it isn’t bad, but it can be a bit slow.)

I hope this guide has given you some insight on places to buy Archlord gold. If you just want a decent place to hit up, or you are paranoid about being caught like me, give IGXE a try. Otherwise, be sure to check all the things I mentioned in this guide before buying.

Good luck!

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