Monday, November 23, 2009

Warrior Gold Farming Guide

Welcome to The WoW Gold Spot. This is the first entry in a series on farming gold with different classes. I hope you enjoy, and check back for later updates!

So you've got your Warrior sitting at 80, but you're too broke too afford the gear, enchants, mounts, and everything else that serves to drain your funds in this game? Don't worry; Warrior is actually pretty good for farming. You actually have two options as far as reasonable farming methods, so we'll discuss them.

The first warrior gold farming technique is the simply use your normal DPS spec and go nuts with your normal DPS rotations. Though there are a few things to note here. You won't need as much hit as you do to raid; chances are the enemies you're farming won't even be level 80, much less 83. So try to swap some of that hit out. And remember that these enemies are squishy and weak; so pull a few at a time and beat them down. Don't let cooldowns sit around unused, this is a bad habit I see people farming get into. Offensive cooldowns and defensive cooldowns reduce the amount of time a mob takes to kill and the amount of downtime you have; so use both liberally.

The second Warrior gold farming technique is of course the use of Prot AoE farming. Again, you can use a typical spec; whatever you normally use for tanking will be fine. Unlike using a DPS spec, though, with Prot you aren't just doing your normal thing. You want to gear for damage, not tanking. Things like shield spikes are a great benefit for Prot farming, too. Your main benefit with Prot is the fact that you are virtually unkillable for most enemies; even large groups will barely ding your health bar; and because they aren't elites, this will be true even if you aren't geared for survivability.

So take advantage of this, and gather huge groups, then blast them with Thunderclap, Cleave (make sure you have the Glyph!), and Shockwave. Use other abilities as they are reasonable, but make sure to use these as often as possible. And again, use your cooldowns. Retaliation, for example, can completely devastate a group of mobs in short order. And as a Prot you have a ton of defensive cooldowns; you should practically never need to rest.

I hope this has told you a little bit about Warrior gold farming. Anyone looking to further optimize your gold earning abilities should check out my Gold Guide Review, where I compare various popular gold guides, and find one that sounds good.

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