Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mage Gold Farming Guide

Welcome to The WoW Gold Spot! This is the second in our series on farming gold as various classes, so stick around to find out all you need to know about Mage Gold farming!

Mage is probably the single most skill-based class in the game. Not that other classes don't take skill; Mage just takes the most. Whether it's gracefully avoiding players in PvP, or burning down ten mobs at once in PvE, mages are just harder to play at a high level.

That said, don't be surprised if you can't get the hang of high-end methods at first. If AoE farming is too hard, just keep practicing; you'll get the hang of it eventually.

And AoE farming IS what we'll be talking about today. Mage has far too much potential to waste your time killing mobs one at a time. And that'd be too easy, wouldn't it?

So, AoE farming. You should already know this, but you want to be Frost for this. The other specs have their own respective AoE abilities, but you'll be eating damage while you cast them, so they are less than ideal. Frost has more DPS options AND keeps you alive which you use them.

I won't bother posting an actual spec; the talents you want should be obvious. You want to be able to use AoE stuff like Frost Nova and Cone of Cold as often as possible, and you want all the snares you can get. Shatterred Barrier, Improved Blizzard, etc.

Now, the easiest way to do this isn't really all that impressive. Step one: get things mad at you. You can either just run past them, or pop them with a Frostbolt, but get em after you. Once you have enough, Frost Nova them. Somewhere in here, go ahead and toss your Ice Barrier up.

Now, blast them with Blizzard. You want them to place it so that they are at the far end of it; that way, when Nova breaks and they start towards you, they remain within the effect and taking damage and heavily slowed. Cone of Cold them once they get close.

Once they get to you, let them hit you. No, seriously, let them get blasted by Shattered Barrier then Blink away before you die. Note; this is a bad idea with big groups, you risk getting killed before you get away. In that case, you'll either need to Cold Snap and Nova->Blizzard->Cone them again, which works great but takes a long cooldown.

Now that's the easy method of Mage gold farming. The hard one is much more chancy. Get the mobs after you and your barrier up, and Blizzard them. Cone them when they get near, and kite them as much as possible, repeating. If they get near you, Frost Nova them.

Pulling this off is dependant on having good kiting skills and judgment, so don't be surprised if you get slaughtered a few times at first.

I hope this information helps you out with your Mage Gold farming. Anyone looking to further optimize your gold earning abilities should check out my Gold Guide Review, where I compare various popular gold guides, and find one that sounds good.
And if farming sounds like to much of a pain in the ass even with all this, check out my review of several alternatives by clicking here.

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