Monday, December 7, 2009

Top Race of Warriors of the Horde

So you want to roll a new warrior, or maybe just faction/race change an old one, and you can't decide which Horde race would be best for your purposes? Picking out which racials are best for which purpose can be kind of difficult without using them firsthand, but this article will help you out by laying down which racials are worthwhile and which ones are garbage.

We'll talk about Forsaken first. They don't really bring anything special to the table as far as DPS does. For tanking, Will can occasionally be useful, but will sit unused during the vast majority of encounters. For PvP, undead used to be the best, but these days Will shares a cooldown with PvP trinkets, making them passable but nothing special.

The leaders of the Horde, Orcs, are up next on our list. Orcs aren't particularly good for Tanking, their racials are mostly useless. For DPS, Ax Expertise and Blood Fury both add a decent bit, making Orc one of the better DPS races. For PvP, their DPS boost and the 15% reduction of stuns are both good, making them acceptable PvPers.

The cow-people are up next. Tauren are amazing Tanks, thanks to their boosted health, and the occasional Warstomp when trash gets out of control. Unfortunately, though, as DPS their racials don't really contribute anything. For PvP they are amazing for the same reasons they make good tanks; extra health and a AoE stun are both great benefits.

The last Horde race that can be Warrior is of course Troll. In PvP, Da Voodoo Shuffle is a handy reduction of movement impairing effects, and Berserking can bring ridiculous burst to the table. Berserking also shines for PvE DPS Warriors, adding a significant amount of damage to the meter. For tanking, Regeneration is the only thing that really contributes, and it isn't worth much.

So, what does it all mean? Well, for PvP, Tauren is your best bet after 3.3 nerfs Undead into mediocrity. As far as DPS goes, it's a toss-up between Troll and Orc; when using Axes, Orcs are superior, otherwise Troll pulls ahead. Current itemization favors Orc. And finally, for tanking, Tauren is the only reasonable choice.

Hopefully you now know what race you want for your Horde warrior. I personally prefer Tauren, since I PvP a lot and a tank not dying means way more than a DPS doing a few dozen more damage per second. Be sure to check out my site, and good luck with your warrior!

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