Friday, September 11, 2009

Buying Warhammer Online Gold Cheap - A Review of SwagVault

Warhammer Online, like all MMOs, is full of time sinks in the form of gold farming and other things. Not everyone has the time or inclination to deal with these kinds of time sinks, though. Thankfully, there is another option; buying gold.

Doing so can free up time to have more fun in the game. But figuring out a good site to buy Warhammer Online gold cheap and safe can be close to impossible because of the sheer number of gold sellers around. That is where my review comes in; Today, I'll review the popular currency seller SwagVault, and we'll find out if they are worth a visit.

The first thing to consider when trying to buy gold for a MMO is how safe the site is. There are literally hundreds of gold sellers on the internet. Not all of them can be safe. And no matter what, safety is the first concern when looking for a place to buy Warhammer Online gold cheap. SwagVault is a very safe site; despite having served thousands of customers, their reputation online is close to flawless, and their site security is industry standard. So you can buy safely from them.

Second thing to consider, before price, is availability. Who cares how cheap the gold is if they don't have any in stock? SwagVault is pretty good about availability, and rarely will you encounter shortages on even the least popular servers or factions. Still, they do happen sometimes, so it might be worth it to find a backup site, even if SwagVault is your favorite.

Last thing to consider before price is how secure their transaction method is, in other words, "Will I get caught?" SwagVault has zero problems in this area, thanks to a few subtle tricks; I daresay they are the best as far as this goes out of any of the sites I use.

Finally, we'll talk about price. SwagVault is usually one of the cheapest sites for any game they provide gold for, and they offer Warhammer Online gold cheap as well. They aren't the absolute cheapest around, though--that title usually goes to IGE.

In the end, SwagVault is a nice site to buy from, scoring highly in every area we look at in a gold seller. I wouldn't call them the best, but they are definitely near the top.

If you are looking for information on other popular sites, and want to know how they compare to SwagVault, you can check out my comparison review of the most popular currency sellers by clicking here.

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