Friday, September 11, 2009

Cheap Eve Online Isk - A SwagVault Review

If you are like many Eve Online players, you don't have the time or inclination to spend weeks and weeks grinding isk. You have better things to do with your time than working a second job; everything else in Eve is a big enough time sink by itself! So, you decide to buy isk. But finding out where you can buy cheap Eve Online isk safely can be a pain, since no one admits to buying isk, and thus won't recommend you to a good site. That's where this review comes in. Today, we'll talk about one of the top suppliers of cheap Eve Online isk, SwagVault, and find out if they are worth buying from.

The first thing to consider when buying isk, or any other game currency, is how safe the site is. You don't want to give your credit card information to a bunch of scammers, or trust it to low-grade site security. Well, you don't have to worry about this stuff with SwagVault; their reputation is one of the cleanest around, and their website's security is industry standard. No worries here.

The second thing to consider is availability; you can't buy isk if they don't have any for sale! SwagVault typically keeps a very large supply of Eve isk around, so this likely won't be a problem unless you want to buy several trillion isk. SwagVault even sells other things, like ships and blueprints.

The last thing to consider before getting into price is how safe the method of transfer is; IE, will you get caught if you buy from them? SwagVault is one of the safest sites to buy from, as they don't take any chances in transferring your items to you. If there is one site you won't get caught buying from in any game, it is probably SwagVault.

Finally, let's talk about price. SwagVault is almost always in the top five for low prices for the MMOs they offer currency for, and Eve is no exception. They aren't the absolute cheapest unless they are having a sale, but they are very very competitive. Combined with their overall safety and the general quality of the site, this should be one of your first sites to check when buying cheap Eve Online isk. Whether you want to use just one site or shop around for the best deal, SwagVault is a good site to bookmark.

If you want to compare SwagVault to other MMO currency sellers, look no further; I maintain a frequently updated comparison review of the most popular gold sites, which you can view by clicking here

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