Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good Site to Buy WoW Gold - SwagVault Review

Good Site to Buy WoW Gold - SwagVault Review
By William Kamar

So, you're looking for a good site to buy WoW gold. But no one wants to admit to buying gold, so it's hard to get a good recommendation. So, what pops up on Google? Sites like IGE, WoWMine, and SwagVault tend to dominate the search engines, so lets discuss one of them today. For this article, we'll talk about the popular site SwagVault.

First, lets talk about the website itself. SwagVault has a bit of a confusing layout, which can be a turnoff. They have defunct pages for games they no longer offer gold or items for, which is a bit annoying, but doesn't matter if all you want is a good site to buy WoW gold safe and cheap. Anyways, the site isn't TOO confusing, so that's all there is to say about this.

So, the price. SwagVault, depending on whether they are offering any deals or not, is one of the cheapest sites around for most servers. They are fairly competitive with IGE, and completely dominate ridiculous sites like WoWMine. Still, if all you want is cheap, be sure to shop around; they are rarely the absolute cheapest.

Now, a few of these gold sites are scams, and will leave you hurting after stealing your credit card information. And a few have such poorly programmed security that your information is in danger from hackers, even if the site itself is legit. Well, none of this applies to SwagVault. They use industry standard security features, and I have yet to encounter a single person, myself included, who has ever had a problem with them. So if safety is your main concern--as it should be!--then SwagVault is a good site to buy WoW gold from.

The only thing left to discuss is availability. Just clicking through the site, they seem to have a pretty healthy availability for the vast majority of servers, both US and EU. There seem to be a few with lower availability, mainly on non-English servers, but I guess most people reading this are English speaking players, so that probably doesn't matter as much.

Overall, this SwagVault review declares the site to be a solid 7/10 as a gold buying website. There are sites that are slightly better all around in my opinion, but SwagVault is definitely strong competition in the highly cutthroat WoW gold market.

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