Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where Can I Buy Gold For World of Warcraft? -- A Guide to Gold Sites

Not everyone who plays the popular MMO World of Warcraft has as much time to play as they'd like. For those who can't dedicate enough time to it, it can be difficult to do your best in endgame content, due to the number of things that require large amounts of gold. So how can someone who is short on time keep their gear enchanted, get their epic mount, and keep their characters' supply of consumables up? Buying gold is one answer. But it spawns another question: "Where can I Buy Gold for World of Warcraft?"

This question can be hard to answer, because while there are hundreds of sites out there that sell gold, finding the best can be a bit difficult. So how do you figure out which sites are the real diamonds of the bunch? This guide will help you to know what you should look for in a site. We'll also give examples of sites that are exemplary in each area. Hopefully by the time we are through, you'll know the answer to "Where can I buy gold for World of Warcraft?"

The single most important thing to look for when buying something online is trustworthiness. But how do you determine this? The safest method available is to just stick with proven sites. Big sites like SwagVault, IGE, and WoWMine all have huge customer bases and good reputations. So purchasing from them is generally risk free. The other option is to look at advertisements on trustworthy gaming sites. A good site will generally advertise other good sites.

Another thing to consider is your privacy. A good gold site will take precautions to avoid unwanted attention. Knowing which sites are best can be difficult, but many good sites will tell you up front whether they use any special methods. One site that is really great about this is SwagVault, with their little tricks your privacy is guaranteed.

Finally, lets discuss price. This isn't actually as big a deal as you might expect, because all the best sites have near-identical pricing. If you want the absolute cheapest, IGE is usually going to be one of the best, but even it is usually only a hair cheaper than its competitors.

I hope this guide has helped you, and that you can now answer "Where can I buy gold for World of Warcraft?"

If you still aren't sure which site to go with, you can check out my comparison review of the top gold sites--including those mentioned in this article--by clicking here.

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