Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Is SwagVault Safe and Cheap?

So you are looking to buy some game currency and the name of the popular gold and item selling site SwagVault has come up. The site advertises a lot of places, and shows up on most searches related to game gold. So it is only to be expected that people looking for gold would hear about them. So, you probably want to know, then, Is SwagVault Safe and Cheap? We'll discuss the site in this review of SwagVault.

The first thing a customer wants to know when buying anything online, whether it's game currency or something else entirely, is whether or not the site is safe. There are various factors in the answer to this question, so I'll discuss each separately to answer the question "Is SwagVault Safe and Cheap?"

The first aspect of safety is trustworthiness; can SwagVault be trusted with your information? The popular site has a near-flawless reputation, so it is safe to say they are a legitimate business. So their trustworthiness is not an issue.

The second aspect is site security. Is there any danger of hackers or other third parties taking advantage of lax programming to steal your information or put nasty Trojans and such on your computer? SwagVault is a very professional site, and their security in all areas is industry standard, again making this a nonissue for consumers.

The last thing to consider is specific to gold buying, and that is whether or not they will get you caught with their various methods of product transfer etc. SwagVault is actually one of the best currency sellers around with regards to this. Not only do they avoid risky behaviors in their advertising and transfer methods, they take extra steps to protect your privacy, meaning less chance of you having your gold revoked and finding yourself with no cash and no gold.

So, we know the answer to "Is SwagVault Safe?" but how about their prices? Do their prices represent the extra effort they put in to preserving your privacy? Not really. SwagVault is rarely the cheapest around, but they are almost always cheaper than the "average", for all the games they provide currency for. Add to that the fact that they almost always have good availability on all servers for not only currency but items, and SwagVault is a winner all around.

If you want to know how SwagVault compares to its top competitors, such as IGE, you can check out my comparison review of the top gold sellers around by clicking here.

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