Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Top WoW Gold Sites - A Guide to the Best Gold Sites

The online game currency market-- and WoW gold sites in particular--can be a bit difficult to search through. There are literally hundreds of sites trying to get your money, and figuring out the best ones can be close to impossible without help. Finding someone to give you a personal recommendation can be difficult, so you'll often find yourself tearing your hair out in frustration as you try to determine where you should go for your gold. Fortunately for you, this article is here to help. We'll talk about the features the top WoW gold sites share, and tell you a few of the best ones out there.

The first thing all the best sites have is something any online business must have-trustworthiness. It can be hard to figure out which sites are safe to give your money to, but generally sites that are advertised on other trustworthy sites, such as popular MMO gaming sites, will be trustworthy. Big sites like SwagVault or WoWMine can be trusted quite simply because if they weren't trustworthy, they wouldn't be so popular. Note that trustworthiness isn't just a matter of whether or not a site is a scam; there are any number of legitimate sites with unsafe security and unsafe advertisements from dubious sources. The big sites avoid this by using industry standard security, and not advertising on their site-sites like IGE or SwagVault.

Another thing the top WoW gold sites have is care for your privacy. There are a few otherwise good sites that take no care to hide their transactions, meaning you'll find yourself talking to a GM and losing your new gold in no time. There are plenty of good sites left to consider, though; IGE is good about protecting your privacy, and SwagVault is downright obsessive about it.

It should be noted that a site can be the best site ever, but if they don't have gold for the servers you play on it doesn't matter. The biggest sites tend to keep large supplies for all servers at all times, but it isn't something you can be certain of until you are making your purchase. I will say that IGE has, to my knowledge, never run low for any server.

The last thing to look at is of course price. Price can be tricky, but in general the top WoW gold sites will have similar pricing. The best for you will be determined by what server you play on, and whether or not the site in question is having any special deals. If shopping around doesn't appeal to you though, IGE is almost always one of the cheapest, regardless of server.

If you are still trying to decide which site to go with, you can see how the top sites stack up to one another by checking out my comparison review of the most popular gold sites. Read it by clicking here

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