Wednesday, September 9, 2009

SwagVault Review - A Currency Seller Review

So you're looking for a site to buy gold from. It doesn't matter if you play World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Ever Quest 2, Warhammer Online, Eve Online, or any of dozens of other MMOs; eventually you'll hear the name SwagVault. This currency seller has made a name for themselves in the highly competitive gold seller market, and in this SwagVault review we'll try to find out how, and whether or not they deserve their current popularity.

The first thing I always look at when looking to buy gold, or anything else, online, is whether or not the website is safe to buy from. It is important that you don't put your information on just any site, because even trustworthy sites can be hacked. Fortunately, SwagVault is a very professional company, and they use industry standard security. So this particular concern doesn't apply here.

The second thing to consider when looking at a potential gold seller site is availability. SwagVault keeps a healthy supply of currency around for all its games, but shortages for some servers on some games do occur occasionally. It is not a frequent problem, however.

Third thing we should look at is what I call their "methods". SwagVault tends to use legitimate currency earning methods and advertising, in other words no bots and no in-game spam. And their transfer methods are possibly the best in the business; you are very very VERY unlikely to be caught when buying gold from SwagVault, because they take extra precautions. In the opinion of this SwagVault review, this alone makes SwagVault a strong contender among gold sellers.

So, they are safe to buy from and keep a healthy supply of gold around. Is their pricing good? SwagVault isn't the best around with regards to price, but they are a little cheaper than average. If you are lucky enough to catch them during one of their frequent specials or sales, however, you can get some really amazing prices. Still, generally you will be paying slightly more than you might otherwise have to, but will get extra safety in return.

Overall, I can recommend SwagVault as a good site to check out if you are looking to buy gold.

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