Wednesday, September 9, 2009

IGE Review - A Currency Seller Review

Regardless of what game you play, chances are if you want to buy currency you'll hear the name IGE. The site advertises on a variety of popular MMO sites, and shows up for any number of game gold search results. So is the hype worth buying into? Is IGE any good, or should you look for another site? We'll find out in this IGE review.

The first thing we should look at in a gold seller-actually, when making any online purchase-is how safe the company is to buy from. This isn't a matter of legitimacy; IGE is definitely not a scam site. The question is whether or not their site is secure, and safe to buy from. The answer is yes. IGE uses industry standard website security, so your personal details are safe with them. They also lack external advertising, which is another plus factor for their security.

IGE maintains excellent supplies of currency for all the games they sell gold for. Availability is rarely a problem; IGE has quite possibly the largest supply around for pretty much every game. They only supply for a limited set of games, however, so you'll have to check to be sure they have your game on their roster.

Not everyone cares, but some do, so this IGE review will discuss another important aspect of the site; their methods. IGE doesn't use gold bots, and doesn't stoop to in-game spam. To me, this is a major plus for the site.

One more thing to look at is the methods IGE uses to get you your gold. IGE is fairly middle of the road in this aspect. You are not much less likely to get caught buying from them than from anyone else (Not very likely at all, either way), but they do alright. So, that covers just about everything for this IGE review except, perhaps, the most important thing...

Price. IGE shines once more in this area. The currency seller is consistently in the best three for low prices on all their games, and these prices become even better during their frequent sales and specials.

Overall, IGE is a very strong entry in the competitive MMO currency market, and I definitely can recommend buying from them.

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