Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Safe Place to Buy Eve Isk Cheap - A SwagVault Review

For those of us who play Eve, we know Isk is everything. It doesn't matter what skills you have maxed if you don't have the Isk to outfit yourself with a great ship. In the end, Isk is everything in Eve, and those who have it reign supreme. It can be tiresome to grind it constantly though, especially for those who enjoy low income high risk activities such as PvP. For us, it is nice to have an alternative source of income, and buying Isk is a great alternative to grinding. But it can be hard to find a safe place to buy Eve Isk cheap. This review will talk about SwagVault, a site known for providing not only Isk, but a variety of Eve items and services.

The first thing we should take a look at is their level of safety. SwagVault is a large site, and they have a great reputation for being trustworthy. And for those who worry about such things, their site security is industry standard, so there is less risk of hackers getting into your information. All in all, SwagVault scores high for safety.

So how is there availability? Will they have enough Isk for your purposes? Generally, yes, unless you plan to buy trillions. SwagVault is one of the largest places to buy Eve Isk cheap, and they keep a huge supply of Isk at hand to meet demands. So you don't have to worry about this much either.
For those worried about getting caught, you shouldn't be; SwagVault takes all possible steps to mask their transactions, and the fact that they don't bother with risky advertising such as in-game spam means they are able to stay even further off the radar.

So you know they have the Isk, and you know they are safe to buy from, but how are their prices? Well, SwagVault is a large site, and like most large businesses they offer lower prices than the majority of their competitors. This is as true for Eve as it is for the other games they supply currency for, such as WoW and EQ2.

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