Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ever Quest 2 Gold -- A Guide to EQ2 Gold Sites

Buying gold for online games is a popular way to take the work out of a MMO and leave the player time to do more fun things. But finding the best places to buy Ever Quest 2 gold can be difficult, and figuring out which of the hundreds of gold sellers on the internet is best to buy from can be almost as time consuming as just grinding the gold out would be! So how do we determine the best sites? This guide will tell you everything you need to know when buying Ever Quest 2 gold, from what to look for to which sites are best for certain aspects.

The first thing to look for in any site you want to buy from is trustworthiness. A good site has to be one you feel safe buying from. But how do you check this? Getting a recommendation is generally the easiest way. Big sites tend to be safe, too, since their success is generally based on having a good reputation. Or sites advertised by other sites you already know are trustworthy, like popular gaming sites and such.

Another thing to look for is availability. You generally can't be one hundred percent certain a particular site will have Ever Quest 2 gold for your server in advance, but some sites are better about it than others. Bigger sites tend to have more suppliers on the various servers, and don't have those kinds of problems as often. IGE in particular is big enough to practically never experience shortages.

Something else to look into is how they handle transfers. Customer privacy should always be a gold site's biggest concern. Smart sites will have their own special tricks to avoid notice; the best for this kind of thing is usually SwagVault. They really go the distance on this aspect of the business.

The last thing to look at is of course price. Normally, most sites will have almost identical prices, with minor variances from server to server. It is up to you whether you want to hunt for sales or just pick a site you like and stick to it. If no one is running a sale, IGE tends to be one of the best prices around, although their prices aren't going to be much different from anyone else's.

I hope this guide helped you out some. To see how the top gold sellers, including the ones mentioned in this guide, compare to one another you can check out my comparison review by clicking here.

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