Thursday, September 10, 2009

Safe WoW Gold Sites - Which Sites Should You Buy From?

It can be really difficult finding safe WoW gold sites. There are some dangers to buying gold, both real and imagined, in that there are a number of unsafe sites, or sites that use methods that are particularly risky. Is it any wonder so many people are nervous about buying gold? Let's discuss the three points of safety, and find out which sites are safe WoW gold sites.

The first point of safety to consider is, of course, whether or not the website in question is a scam. Unfortunately, it can be almost impossible to tell the truth; every site has its horror stories, and it can be hard to tell which ones are true and which ones are urban legend. In my experience, the bigger sites like IGE or SwagVault tend to be safer. Both are large companies with almost no record of problems. I've used both many times, and had no problems. Likewise for friends I've recommended to the sites.

The second point of safety is viruses. Now, this isn't really a problem created by the site themselves;there are some dangerous ads with special surprises embedded that run on some networks. This isn't too big a deal; any decent program like Adblock will keep these things off your computer, but just in case, I'd go with a site without advertising or anything flashy that needs to be downloaded. SwagVault is the best for this, lacking all advertising. IGE is pretty good too, as it only features internal banners, nothing is coming from outside their own services, but for the truly paranoid, SwagVault is best.

The third thing to consider is website security, since you don't want to buy from a site that might be hacked. Any suitably professional company will be safe to buy from though, such as IGE, SwagVault, even WoWMine should be safe from hacking.

The last thing you should consider is safety from getting caught by Blizzard. Some otherwise great sites can use risky methods in their actual gold transfers. The absolute safest is SwagVault, hands down. They use a neat trick that will make it very, very, very unlikely that you will be caught. IGE is alright too, but they don't do anything too special, either.

Overall, the biggest names tend to be the safest. IGE and SwagVault are both great sites. There are others worth a look, but if your main goal is safe WoW gold sites, you can't go wrong with these two.

To see how these sites compare in price , convenience, and availability, to other popular gold sellers, click here to check out my comparison review of the most popular sites.

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