Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good WoW Gold Sites

Most people find that it is hard to locate good WoW gold sites on net, because the huge number of sites means hours of checking what people think about them on forums, seeing what kind of prices they offer, how they handle sales, and loads more effort and research. The headaches caused by what you would think is a simple purchase can drive a person mad. Fortunately this guide can help you dodge the headache, by taking some time to discuss a few of the top sites around, and just what makes them good.

The very first site I think of when I think of good WoW gold sites is IGE. These guys have been around for about five years, and even today they are still is one of the best on all the important issues. IGE's safety record is pretty much flawless. Often they have the some of the lowest prices you'll find for not only WoW, but other popular MMOs. They always have a good supply of gold at hand for all servers, and they have good customer service and a easy to navigate site layout. I buy my own gold from them.

The other top notch site to come to mind is SwagVault. Between them and IGE, they cover most of the popular games around and do a great job about it. They have low prices, high safety and security, and they have currency for almost every MMO you can think of. They don't always have perfect availability, but it isn't really a problem for them either. And they're known for being very careful about their actual gold transfer methods.

I'll admit there are other sites around that have slightly lower prices than these two, but I don't really recommend any of 'em, for a few reasons. I don't like of sites that use dubious methods to obtain their gold, or sites with bad advertising practices, such as in-game spam. These sites are generally not the best to buy from anyways, since good WoW gold sites with good reputations don't need to use such dubious practices.

IGE and SwagVault generally are good places to buy gold for any given MMO. They both keep their prices competitive, often being the lowest. Both are safe and secure sites. And their advertising methods and gold earning techniques are both relatively honest for the business. I can't say for certain they are the best, but these two are definitely good WoW gold sites.

If you want to see how IGE and SwagVault compares to each other and other popular gold sellers, you can click here and check out my comparison review.

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