Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where Can I Buy WoW Gold Cheap and Safe? - A SwagVault Review

There is a ridiculous number of overpriced, poorly supported, and just plain dangerous to buy from gold sellers on the internet. Even if you can find the cheapest, there is no guarantee that they are legitimate, or that they have enough gold for your server or faction, or, most importantly, that they are safe to buy from. Trying to find out where you can buy WoW gold cheap and safe can be almost impossible, too, because noone likes to admit they buy gold, so getting a good recommendation can be near to impossible.

So, let's talk about one of the biggest sites on the internet for gold buying, not just for WoW but for dozens of games. I'm talking about SwagVault. This site frequently advertises on major gaming websites, and turns up on many different Google searches for gold sites. So, is this a good site to buy WoW gold cheap and safe from?

The first thing that needs to be considered is how safe the site is. There is no reason to consider anything else if you are in danger of fraud, stolen identity, etc, by buying from the site.

There are two parts of website safety-how trustworthy the site is, and how secure the site is. SwagVault scores high in both areas. There are little to no 'horror stories' connected to SwagVault on the internet. They use industry standard security for their business, and are a legitimate business, not a scam. So you can relax about that bit; on to the other parts of the site.

Now, a lot of people move straight to price, but lets talk about some other things first. SwagVault has pretty good availability, in other words a decent supply of gold for any server/faction. So you won't, probably, find yourself unable to buy from them because they've run out of gold on your server.

And last, before price, is security of transfer; IE, how they got the gold to you. SwagVault is one of, if not the, securest sites as far as this goes. Don't worry about getting caught by Blizzard or suspected by other players, because it won't happen with SwagVault's methods of transfer.

So, is all this high-quaty matched by equally high price? Not really. SwagVault keeps their prices competitive with the cheapest sites, and while they aren't the absolute best deal around, they definitely aren't a bad choice for a site to buy WoW gold cheap and safe.

If you want to know how SwagVault compares to other gold sellers in price, safety, availability, and other factors, check out my comparison review of the top sellers by clicking here

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