Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where Can I Buy FFXI Gil Safely?

Numerous FFXI players think that many things in FFXI cost way too much, and take way too much time to grind for.

Player sold items cost way too much on every server, meaning important purchases are impossible without spending days grinding. And NPC services always cost the same ridiculous, regardless of server.

So, many players to try to buy FFXI Gil from currency sellers. Some think that buying Gil is cheating.
But this assumes that there is some inherent merit to spending hours grinding for an item or service. But the point of FFXI is to have fun, right? So why not take advantage of the money you already earned doing something boring, and turn it into game money?

Now that we've agreed there is nothing wrong with doing so, you have to ask: Where can I buy FFXI Gil safely?

It can be risky buying gil online. The internet is packed with scams and shady websites, trying to grab your credit card information and steal your money.

And even if you find a legit site, it can be difficult to navigate, or have shortages on your server. So the other question is: Where can I buy FFXI gil easily, with a minimum of hassle and headache?

I've been playing FFXI for years, and buying Gil for most of that time. It took be a while to find a site I trusted, but I finally did. I finally have settled on IGE as my site of choice.

IGE answers both the question of "Where can I buy FFXI gil safely?" and "Where can I buy FFXI gil easily?" very neatly.

Before I started using IGE, I tried a variety of sites. But sometimes I'd have problems with certain websites not having a good gil supply, or my prepaid credit cards would get emptied out-finally a friend pointed me to IGE, though. I get my gil quickly regardless of server, and their prices are always competitive. As a little bonus for those who player other MMOs, they sell more than just FFXI gil.

I can even trust them with my actual credit card info, saving me the cost and hassle of using prepaid cards.

The last thing to note is that IGE is discreet. While you aren't to be banned for buying gil (it would cost too much money-way more people do it than you probably realize), it can cause you some social grief if people suspect that you buy gil.

If you want to know how IGE compares to the other top gold sites, check out my Game Currency Site review, over here.

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