Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where can I Buy EQ2 Plat Safely?

Some players think the costs of a lot of the items and NPC services in Everquest 2 are insane.

NPC services require hours of grinding to be able to afford, and player sold items are sold for ridiculously high prices by those with the time to grind for them. But not everyone has that much time to spend online.

So a lot of players try to buy EQ2 plat from gold sellers. Many think that this is a kind of cheating.

But why shouldn't you be able to turn your normal worked hours on a job into currency in a game? After all, what makes one kind of boring labor more meritorious than another?

Of course, now you have to ask: Where can I buy EQ2 plat safely?

It can be dangerous for a person buying plat online. The Gold Selling community is crammed full of scam artists and thieves, who want to grab your credit card info and rip you off.

Even if you are lucky enough to find a trustworthy site, they can be unusually expensive, or lack a decent supply for the server you play on. This will make you ask another question: Where can I buy EQ2 plat easily, with a minimum of hassle and headache?

I've bought plat from a number of sites the last few years (testing the waters with prepaid credit cards beforehand), looking to find a site with reasonable supplies, prices, and safety. And in the end I decided on IGE as my primary site for EQ2 Plat buying.

IGE answers both the question of "Where can I buy EQ2 plat safely?" and "Where can I buy EQ2 plat easily?" very neatly.

After a few months of looking for a good site, a friend recommended IGE to me-and I've been using it ever since. I get my plat quickly on any server, and IGE's prices are VERY good compared to other sites. They also supply gold for other games, not just EQ2 plat, to make them even better.

I can even trust them with my actual credit card info, saving me the cost and hassle of using prepaid cards.

The last thing to note is that IGE is discreet. While you aren't to be banned for buying plat(it would cost too much money-way more people do it than you probably realize), it can cause you some social grief if people suspect that you buy plat.

Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed my article "Where can I Buy EQ2 Plat Safely?"

If you want to know how IGE compares to the other top gold sites, check out my Game Currency Site review, over here.

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