Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where Can I Buy WoW Gold Safely?

Many players find that the costs of certain items and services in WoW are ridiculous. On many servers, costs of items can become too high, making essential purchases impossible without hours upon hours of work like farming. And of course Riding Training costs the same ridiculous amount on every server. This leads many to try to buy WoW gold online. Some view this as a form of cheating. But if you have money, and you've already worked to earn it at a real job...why should you waste time working more in a game, something you supposedly play for entertainment? Of course, now the question is: Where can I buy WoW gold safely?

There are risks in buying gold online. The internet is full of scam artists and thieves, looking to grab your credit card information and disappear. And even if you find a legit site, it can be difficult to navigate, or have shortages on your server. So the other question is: Where can I buy WoW gold easily, with a minimum of hassle and headache? I have purchased gold from many sites over the years(using prepaid credit cards to initially feel them out), looking to find a trust-worthy, easy to use site. And I finally have settled on IGE as my site of choice. IGE answers both the question of "Where can I buy WoW gold safely?" and "Where can I buy WoW gold easily?" very neatly.

After having some...issues...with my previous favorite, WoWMine, I went on the look again, and after some recommendations found this site. I get my gold quickly regardless of server, and their prices are VERY competitive. And they provide more than just WoW gold, as a extra bonus. I can even trust them with my actual credit card info, saving me the cost and hassle of using prepaid cards.

The last thing to note is that IGE is discreet. While you aren't to be banned for buying gold(it would cost Blizzard to much money-way more people do it than you probably realize), it can cause you some social grief if people suspect that you buy gold. Although if you are extremely paranoid, then the technique described here will likely put you much more at ease. Well, thats it. I hope you enjoyed my article "Where can I Buy WoW Gold Safely?" Hopefully you'll thank me after your smooth, safe IGE purchase ;)

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