Thursday, May 6, 2010

Leveling a Mage; Spec and Glyph Advice!

So you want to level a mage but aren't sure where you should start with regards to talents? Don't worry, the mage leveling specs included here will tell you all you need to know to get from level ten to level eighty without ever wasting a talent point.

We'll be starting with Arcane spec, as it is the most bang for your buck until about level thirty. This spec's use is simple: Spam Arcane Missiles, Frost Nova and run away if you need to.

Arcane (20 Points)

Arcane Focus - 3/3
Arcane Stability - 5/5
Arcane Concentration - 5/5
Magic Attunement - 2/2
Spell Impact - 3/3
Torment the Weak - 2/3

After you hit level thirty, we're going to want to respec to Frost: you get more control, and more damage per mana than you do from any other spec. This will take you all the way to level eighty (and further, if you want to PvP).

Frost (51 Points)

Frostbite - 3/3
Improved Frostbolt - 5/5
Ice Floes - 3/3
Ice Shards - 3/3
Precision - 3/3
Permafrost - 3/3
Icy Veins - 1/1
Arctic Reach - 2/2
Frost Channeling - 2/3
Shatter - 3/3
Cold Snap - 1/1
Cold as Ice - 2/2
Winter's Chill - 3/3
Shattered Barrier - 2/2
Ice Barrier - 1/1
Empowered Frostbolt - 2/2
Fingers of Frost - 2/2
Summon Water Elemental - 1/1
Enduring Winter - 3/3
Chilled to the Bone - 5/5
Deep Freeze - 1/1

Arcane (20 Points)

Arcane Subtlety - 2/2
Arcane Focus - 3/3
Magic Absorption - 2/2
Arcane Concentration - 5/5
Spell Impact - 3/3
Improved Counterspell - 2/2
Torment the Weak - 3/3

For Glyphs, you're going to want Glyph of Eternal Water as soon as you get your Water Elemental, but otherwise I'd recommend Evocation and Ice Armor. Frost is just as simple as Arcane; simply spam Frostbolt until the enemy gets close, then Frost Nova, run away, and start over. Nothing will survive to get close to you a second time except maybe Elites. And once you have your Elemental, even they won't stand a chance.

And this is common sense, but make sure to always use your cooldowns effectively; no point having them sit around ready-to-go for five or ten minutes when you could use them two or three times in that period of time.

I hope this guide has helped you to figure out a little bit about Mage leveling specs.

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