Sunday, May 16, 2010

Guaranteed Warlock Pvp Strategies for Success

By James Sides

New players in World of Warcraft are faced with a variety of challenges none the least of which is learning the different aspects of the game. For example, new players are not just faced with figuring out PvE (player versus environment) but they also must figure out how to win at pvp (player versus player). The PvE aspect is a bit easier is a bit easier because the encounters you will face are not going to change. You can practice and you will always know what is coming next. The real challenge is mastering Pvp because it is always changing. This is something that I have been able to figure out and as such I've been a master at Warlock Pvp for three years.

Warlocks, like other casters, have the distinct disadvantage of being able to wear only one type of armor; cloth. Cloth can provide some great stat boosters such as extra spell power but they provide almost nothing in the way of actual protection. If you are caught by a melee class such as a rogue or a warrior you are as good as dead. Make sure you are always aware of an escape route to prevent this from happening.

The second thing to remember when it comes to Warlock Pvp is that you don't have to stop to do damage. Unlike nearly every other class in the game you have the ability to stay mobile yet still do devastating amounts of damage. For example, one of my favorite strategies is to run away and constantly LOS my opponents only peaking my head out to throw up dots. This is so very frustrating to your enemies and often time they will get in a hurry and do something stupid which you can then capitalize on to win the match. Just remember, NEVER stop moving.

The third and final tidbit of advice I can offer new Warlocks has to do with pet usage. You should already realize by now that your pet has the ability to absorb 5% of the damage caused to you which in essence increases your hp by 5% but your pet also has key abilities for winning matches. For example, your fel hunter should never be put on auto-cast. It is imperative you save your spell lock for the right moment. For example, to interrupt that game saving heal by the opposing team. Master your pet and you will master warlock pvp.

So I know Wow gamers like myself do not like to read walls of text so I assume you probably skimmed over this article but just in case I decided to wrap everything up for you. The short of it all is that you need to 1) master you pet 2) stay mobile and 3) never ever let a melee class close the distance on you. Those three steps to success have allowed me to dominate arenas and warlock pvp for years. I hope they do the same for you. - 34829

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