Monday, May 17, 2010

My Advice On WoW Multiboxing

By Robert Smither

There has never been a better time for you to multibox in wow. It's actually simpler then ever before to level a team of characters and gear them out, with faster leveling and bigger rewards.

If you have been playing WoW for a time you could be becoming sick and tired of raiding, player vs player, or arenas. You've leveled plenty of alts to 80 throughout the very same quests. WoW multiboxing helps make the experience of playing wow, brand new and fresh again. Running several characters at the same time and working out the perfect casting rotations and key configurations is a new challenge you haven't had in quite a while. The reward is after you completely decimate a five man dungeon or clean up in a bg.

WoW multiboxing is great for the loot fiend. Running 5 mans you get to keep all the loot and emblems for your own benefit, and gear out your own team extremely quickly. You will also be able to go dungeon farming whenever you like, on your terms.

To properly multibox you will need some type of software to assist you to control your characters. Wow multiboxing software programs are permitted by blizzard provided that it isn't a bot. Attempting to multibox without multiboxing software program is virtually impossible (imagine attempting to swap windows manually and cast spells with multiple characters).

Most of the people doing wow multiboxing make use of macros as well as key broadcasting to control their characters successfully. Basic macros like follow and focus are perfect for multiboxing and are considerably more exact then trying to send movement keys or TAB to all of your characters. Being a multiboxer you will soon learn the best macros for doing trading, releasing your corpse, or vendoring. These kinds of macros can easily be found using google or on multiboxing web sites.

So what's the disadvantage of multiboxing? You are going to have to pay for each account you wish to multibox a character on. That means up to five wow accounts, so this is a significant cost, but still much less then all kinds of other hobbies, like golfing where equipment and memberships can cost hundreds of dollars.

Overall though wow multiboxing is a superb hobby, that will make world of warcraft feel like a whole new game. With new challenges, and greater rewards, you'll have a lot of fun. Should you just want to test it out, sign up for some world of warcraft trial accounts. - 34829

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