Sunday, May 23, 2010

Warcraft Enchanting - A Look Forward To Cataclysm And Level 525 Illustrious.

By Paul Rone-Clarke

Players can choose enchanting as one of their two primary professions in Warcraft. It's not he easiest or quickest to level, but it can be one of the most rewarding.

The process of enchanting requires ingredients made by destroying or "disenchanting" uncommon (or better) weapons and armour that you find. Destroying the item itself in the process.

For some, the act of finding loot, then destroying it to make enchanting ingredients seems a very hard step to take, but it does have an upside.

There is an upside to this vandalism though. The ingredients that these items disenchant into are often worth more than the items themselves. As Warcraft has matured, many lower level greens and blues do not fetch much at auction, so disenchanting them to sell can actually be a benefit.

Another major advantage is that high level, every player looks to "buff" his or her equipment with the very best and most expensive enchantments in every item slot. Undoubtedly this will be the case with Enchanting 525 Illustrious as well.

So while this may be an expensive profession to level, it will reap massive rewards once you are done.

With two options for most loot at low level (sell the item itself, or the ingredients it disenchants into) it all seems good. So I have to mention one massive ongoing cost, perhaps the biggest cost in the game.

The enchanters rod is perhaps the most expensive "tool" currently in the game. In fact on some servers it might possibly be the most expensive item in the game, easily costing more than Epic flying mounts.

The reason for this is, at each level of advancement, the enchanters tool or "rod" needs upgrading. From a simple copper tube to begin with, to a Titanium based rod with some very expensive reagents in by the time you reach level 450. Each upgrade also requires that the previous rod is "destroyed" in the process, meaning that by the time you max out this profession you may have spent around 10,000g gold on the rod alone. How much will the Enchanting 525 Illustrious rod cost?

But look on the bright side. High level enchants can go for between 500 gold and 1000 gold. So once you have scaled this peak, the rewards are there, and will keep coming.

Not ideal for a first character, but a great profession choice for an alt once you have a rich main. Good luck to Enchanting 525 Illustrious. - 34829

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